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In The Circle Of Life, We Are All One.

These products are truly Gifts for this world – some of the most awesome products for your total Health and Well Being.


A Blessing for these times fused with the Gift of the Violet Flame

Miracle II – Violet Flame Soaps – formulated on a Nikola Tesla technology are a Gift for the world!

Miracle II uses no alcohol, no detergents, no animal fats, no petroleum chemicals in any of its formulations, is totally biodegradable, is gluten free & has not been tested on animals.

Possibly the finest, purest, natural and organic products on the planet today, there is a Miracle II product for your every need. Below, is a comprehensive series of links that will tell you all you need to know about Miracle II.


How Miracle II Works

MIRACLE II natural formulated products contain no synthetic ingredients, no known irritants (see scientific page for OSHA official information) are Gluten free and are human safe, which means that they are not harmful if ingested.

In the process of making Miracle II, its complex mixture of minerals and herbs are mixed with pure water and then put through an electrical process known as eloptic energy (an enhancement of Nikola Tesla’s gift to the world). This process transforms it to include highly charged mineral clusters. Studies show that toxic chemicals would literally be broken down and transformed into benign or usable beneficial byproducts by the action of the charged clusters.

And what does this do? Studies have shown that toxins in the body which build up are positively charged. The Miracle II Soaps and Neutralizers have a negative charge which pulls these toxins out. Then the minerals in the Soaps and Neutralizers can be absorbed into the body, often reducing the body’s toxic load.

People have found that when they take a Miracle II Detoxification Bath, toxins, chemicals and any heavy metals accumulated in the body get released through the 7 million pores of the skin. Then when Neutralizer Liquid and Gel are used ,it further takes the pressure off the detoxification organs – kidneys, liver lungs and bowel and helps your body to digest food.

Using the Neutralizer gel to clean the teeth (add a drop of Concentrated soap to help it lather) can actually stop gum and tooth decay. Miracle II Neutralizer Liquid benefits the body to better utilize the nutrients that are ingested via food and supplements and help remove food additives, dyes, yeast, fillers. This will even help arrest parasites, worms, fungus, bacteria, acid buildup, reflux, thrush and candida. Arthritic sufferers benefit too as the toxins which built up in the joints get released.

Miracle II products have been shown to create increased oxygenation in the cells. These products which are negatively charges have also high ph levels or alkaline in nature:

– the Concentrated and Moisturizing Soaps have a pH of 8.4

– the Neutralizer Liquid has a pH of 8.5

– the Neutralizer Gel has a pH of 7.4 – 8.4

– the Skin Moisturizer has a pH of 7.4 – 8.4


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