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John Dennis - Founder

John Dennis has been on the journey of alternative health and Wellbeing/Healing for 25 years following a series of accidents in his early 20’s, which he somehow saw in his mind, several minutes prior, he was cast into the world of alternative healing because the regular medical options were too severe and not sufficient to repair him to near enough normal function.

John went on to spend the next 5 years studying and searching for alternatives to heal his Body, (although he found out more was required by his mind and emotions than his body). So John had his first of several miraculous healings, which has driven him for the next 20 years into countless teachings and courses to better share and teach these wondrous techniques to countless others.
John Filo - Co-Founder & GM

Just over one and a half years ago in 2017 I reached a fork in the road of a life I fought so hard to escape from. The two choices I faced where to either continue down a path of destruction and total disregard for myself OR to acknowledge I had messed some shit up and choose to take my first step towards owning my shit and steering things back towards a place of self-love peace and simplicity.


I chose to start owning my shit, but that wasn’t without its speed bumps. I slipped back into escapism a number of times in which I almost died five times from really dumb choices, declared bankruptcy to overcome a mountain of debt I had accumulated as I struggled to keep afloat as a single dad of 3 girls aged 2, 10 & 12 with mostly 50% shared care arrangements the whole time. And to top that all off, I chose to leave a fulltime dream job in Information Technology that I had searched for for over 4 years to find.

On January 1st of 2018 I quit my full time job and with what money I had left I began searching for what I always knew was out there somewhere - a better more harmonious way of living. I travelled interstate and overseas during that time, and after coming across a certain form of plant medicine and attending a ceremony it opened me up to a very different reality and challenged everything that I thought I knew. 

Upon my return from travelling, John Dennis and I become really close mates and I discovered that John had been teaching others for over 20 years how to be the change they wanted to see in the world and that was when I just knew that what he had to teach was exactly what I was looking for. 

Fast forward to now in 2019 and John and I have worked nearly every single day since on owning our shit, working through and reprogramming countless amounts of subconscious patterns and deeply ingrained ways of thinking and refining 20 years of teachings and tools into what we now call The Non-Competitive WIN-WIN Co-Creative Human Being. And I have to say, it continues to take an enormous amount of courage in letting go, but I’ve had an absolute fucking blast turning in the version of myself that I am today and continue to grow and evolve into and it’s been filled with so much joy and laughter along the way.

I now take these teachings into my part-time contract work in the banking and finance industry where I lead engineering and design for some of Australia’s largest banking and digital platforms. An industry I have worked in for almost 20 years in various levels of team leading, mentoring peers, leading architecture/engineering for large programs of work in agile environments. It’s a bridge into what I love doing the most, sharing my story with others who have reached a similar point in their lives and teaching them with John how they too can become a Non-Competitive WIN-WIN Co-Creative Human Being.





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