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Is This Beta Course Right For You?

This will be the easiest, yet most confronting, course most people have ever done. Easy because the tools and processes are simple to learn and use, but confronting because you have to face all Your false fears and have the courage to change everything in You that isn't working for You.

A 5-week online interactive co-creative experience to work WITH John and John on Becoming A Non-Competitive WIN-WIN Co-Creative
(NWC) Human Being.

For Those Who Already Know This Beta Course Is For You, Click Here To Purchase And Opt-In Now.


$ 900 AUD
Once-Off Payment
  • Closing Date 23/04/2019

For Those Who Need To Build More Courage, Read On.

Have You Ever Contemplated One Or More Of The Following:

  1. There’s gotta be a better way? And if so, could I do that with my current lifestyle?
  2. I’ve thought about how I could put less or the same effort in and get greater results?... but I can’t see how that even works.
  3. Everyone keeps telling me to do more… can’t I just do less and be more?
  4. Do you want to live with Ease Joy & Laughter (JEL)? Or are you happy with Regular Everyday Garbage (REG)?
  5. What if you could stop "competing" for your share of the pie! and instead "create" more and more pies for you and everyone?
  6. What if you stop creating "all by yourself" and start creating with other people that work in the same "ways" you do?
  7. Have you given up working with other people because it "just never worked out"? What if you were working with the "wrong type" of people even if you thought you weren't!

How’s that been working for you?

If you've thought about any of these questions or answered yes to one or more, this course is perfect for you! 

(If not, STAY CALM and keep doing what you’ve been doing, clearly that’s working for you LOL)

Should You Choose To Opt-In:

Your Quest is to:

  1. Make Life FUN and EASY. Fill Your life with Joy Ease and Laughter (JEL)
  2. Learn how to identify Non-Competitive WIN-WIN Co-Creative (NWC) situations and people.
  3. Implement simple processes that change Your Mindset and make this way of thinking Your default.
  4. See and identify what a Non-Competitive Business or Non-Competitive Life looks like, whilst receiving more with less effort and laughing all the way.
  5. Function-with or Guide Your team environment or community this way.
  6. Turn everything around you’re currently doing so that everyone else gets more with less effort, like You do!
  7. Function from this mindset in every aspect of Your life.
  8. Speak it, Be it and Live it.
  9. Continuously measure and know that You are doing NWC correctly.
  10. Watch it become natural and automatic as it unfolds in and around You.
  11. Become One with the Way of Nature! (All of nature and the universe functions in this way and this course we will show you that).

If you’ve ever thought about any of these questions or answered yes to any of them, this course is for you! (If you haven’t then opt-out now this is not for you).

The choice is Yours, will You Opt-In or Opt-Out? (red pill or blue pill?)




$ 900 AUD
Once-Off Payment
  • Closing Date 23/04/2019

The Goal:

Walk away capable of being able to identify Non-Competitive Win-Win Co-Creative (NWC) people and situations and use this to grow and evolve exponentially with everything You do. 

Implementing The NWC Way into all aspects of Your life and watching it multiply.

Being the Outrageous Joy Ease and Laughter (JEL) Filled, Human Being You are without apologising for it.

Becoming a fully evolved NWC Human Being! (Opt-Out of Human Doing)

Course Format:

  1. Run online over 5 weeks (beta version)
  2. Weekly in-depth live online training workshops (Monday Evenings 2 hours start time to be collaborated with students)
  3. Weekly live online Q+A sessions (Thursday Evenings 2 hours start time to be collaborated with students)
  4. Video and tutorial recordings from the live training modules available always
  5. Downloadable PDFs + materials
  6. Tools to take out any guesswork and make it easy to adopt and implement
  7. Daily reminder system (don’t worry, they’ll be fun and inspiring!)
  8. Facebook group community for support

Have You Seen Our Videos?

All the Be-Quest videos can be viewed on our YouTube channel.
Go check them out if you haven't seen any of them yet

But Wait There's More
(Free steak knives pitch LOL):

As a founding Co-Creator on this beta course, you also receive:

  1. Access to the final evergreen version of the course once it’s launched + all of its evolutions for life free (for those on beta course)
  2. Access to the final evergreen version of this course online is yours for life, starting price for the evergreen course will be $3000 AUD and continue to increase as it evolves - SAY WHAT!?
  3. Receive a VIP discount to attend our 3-day face-to-face seminars of this course for life and discounts to our other courses, all for being a founding co-creator with us. What an investment for $1200 AUD! How does it get any better than that? What else is possible?

Why This Format:

The Beta Format gives us a chance to see what is the best delivery and style for our Co-Creative students. Your feedback and questions enables us to produce the best possible content with the most impact to our future students. 

As a Beta Co-Creator student you have lifetime access to this online evergreen course and all online upgraded versions of this course are yours free for life. You will also receive VIP discounts to other Be-Quest courses as they become available online.

Once the Beta course becomes the final evergreen version, it is the Foundational Course for Be-Quest and all other courses we run. The term evergreen simply means it continually upgrades and evolves. 

Congratulations! How does it get any better than that?

The Syllabus:

Week 1: Becoming a Non-Competitive Co-Creative WIN-WIN Human Being

Week 2: Adopt the Non-Competitive Co-Creative WIN-WIN Human Being Mindset

Week 3: Implement the Non-Competitive Co-Creative WIN-WIN Human Being Daily Practices

Week 4: Equipe yourself with the Non-Competitive Co-Creative WIN-WIN Human Being Toolkit

Week 5: Reflection Week and On-Going Support

About John And John: 


John Dennis - Founder
John Dennis has been on the journey of alternative health and Wellbeing/Healing for 25 years following a series of accidents in his early 20’s, which he somehow saw in his mind, several minutes prior, he was cast into the world of alternative healing because the regular medical options were too severe and not sufficient to repair him to near enough normal function.. more >

John Filo - Co-Founder & GM
Just over one and a half years ago in 2017 I reached a fork in the road of a life I fought so hard to escape from. The two choices I faced where to either continue down a path of destruction and total disregard for myself OR to acknowledge I had messed some shit up and choose to take my first step towards owning my shit and steering things back towards a place of self-love peace and simplicity... more >


Launch Date:

29th April 2019 (Sales Close 23/04/2019)

Payment Options:


$ 900 AUD
Once-Off Payment
  • Closing Date 23/04/2019





Phone: +1 (61) 481 333 480 


Terrigal NSW,