Be-Quest Wellbeing Academy

Self Mastery and Wellbeing Products


Have you realised yet that you can’t escape? That you have to do all the work yourself? That you can’t keep blaming everyone else for your own shit?

Seeking 10 willing trial applicants to experience a freshly formatted course valued at $5000 but provided free of charge to all trialists in exchange for continued feedback. A course aiming to introduce the tools that if applied will allow access to your own intuitive guidance and self-mastery abilities. Running out of North Avoca, Central Coast, Presentation of the course will be conducted over an 8 week period in which you will be provided continuous support and guidance either online or face to face.

What do you get out of it? For starters, if you use these tools you would be taking the first step down the path of subconscious re-programming and taking ownership of your life. You will be taught a collection of tools that will equip you to take on life’s challenges and provide you with a solid foundation to develop your intuition like never before. The time we spend together is very interactive and the tools will be taught through fun thought provoking conversation whereby you will get to use the tools first hand and begin the journey of intuitive self-mastery.

Studied and Supported by neurosciences, developmental psychology, Chinese and vibrational medicine. Intuitive Self-Mastery is no longer an obscure mystic philosophy, available to you now the most powerful tools allowing access to your intuition. Intuitive Self-Mastery not only programs you to stay in the moment but allows for expansion of awareness by delving deep into your own psyche.

Begin practicing with guided exercises & Mindfulness Tools. Following such begin applying the mindfulness lessons and start re-program hidden impulsive obsessions like diet and other compulsive behaviours. No prior experience necessary, only requirement being the willingness to learn.

  • Discover the basic principles and purpose of Conscious Life Mastery through Mindfulness and self-awareness practices;
  • Learn how to consciously communicate with all of life;
  • Discover the Tools to Transform Your Life.

If you’re interested in signing up or would like to find out more contact us by email